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I was sadly disappointed by this movie. I had such high hopes based an a sessions looking trailer and an epic all star cast, however for me, this movie fell flat on it’s face.

The songs and music in general wasn’t particularly great, especially since it was supposed to be a musical. I personally felt as if all the songs sounded the same and usually when I watch a musical, the songs are stuck in my head for ages, however these songs just weren’t good enough for that.

The writing of the movie I felt was just lazy. I liked the usual twist on the fairytale that the Baker’s wife and the Prince cheated on their partners and kissed each other. This is not to say I condone or support cheating, as usually I hate it in books or films, however I made an exception for this as I was curious to see how the characters reacted to this. Then came the disappointment, they killed off the Baker’s wife, now there may have been some deep and well though out reason behind this, but to me, it just seemed lazy. The writers couldn’t be bothered to deal with the emotions involved with the Baker’s wife telling her husband what she had done and them trying to get over it and moving on as a couple and as new parents.

The idea was really exciting, I was so keen to go and see it. A dark twist on a fairytale as a musical? Yes, please! This idea had so Mich potential but it really let itself down. 5/5 for the idea, 2/5 for delivery.


When I though about it, I figured most of you could guess who my top ten heroines from books would be, so I decided to be a little different and choose heroines from TV instead

1. Felicity Smoak (Arrow)

2. Anna Bates (Downton Abbey)

3. Paige Dinnen (Scorpion)

4. Happy Quinn (Scorpion)

5, Caitlin Snow (The Flash)

6. Melinda Mae (MARVEL Agents of SHIELD)

7. Jemma Simmons (MARVEL Agents of SHIELD)

8. Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time)

9. Mary Margaret (Once Upon a Time)

10. Laurel Lance (Arrow)

Today I am lucky enough to be able to interview self-published author Taylor Longford. She is the author of a series of novels about gargoyles, the latest of which was released today and the first of which is free on Amazon, so go! Check it out!
Hi, I’m Taylor Longford. I might not have red hair like my heroine, MacKenzie Campbell, but I drive an old Jeep Cherokee just like she does. It has 325,000 miles on it and I’ve rolled it once but it still goes fast. If I can make a living as a writer, I’ll buy something a bit nicer and write more stories.
So, let’s start the questions.
Where do your ideas come from?
No idea. As far as I can tell, they just drop out of the sky.
Why gargoyles?
The word “gargoyle” comes from the French word for throat. When I discovered this fact, I started thinking about a race of people who were called gargoyles because of the runes they wore on their necks. One idea led to another and the Greystone Series was born.
What makes your books different?
They’re not VERY different, really. But I suppose the main thing is the fact that the gargoyles have talons that deliver a deadly poison to anyone who pisses them off. The same poison is also a part of their courting ritual as the gargoyles are driven to use it to mark the girl they love. This can get rather tricky. It requires the object of their affection to build up a resistance to the poison by taking it (diluted) in gradually increasing amounts.
Who is your favourite character that you have written about?
Havoc. He’s a laugh and a half.
What are some of your favourite books?
How much room do I have, hahaha? Okay, I’ll keep it short. Dawn Wind is probably my all time favorite, followed by all the Conan books. Then the Harry Potter Series, The Hunger Game Series, The Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging Series, The Hitchiker’s Guide, The Colour of Magic.
Which authors do you most admire?
In no particular order: J. K. Rowling, Suzanne Collins, Rosemary Sutcliff, Robert E. Howard, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Louise Rennison and Beth Labonte.
Which books shaped you into the person you are today?
Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian Series. Not sure what that says about me…except that I don’t fit in, hahaha!
Why do you write?
I write to escape the daily grind. I have a hugely stressful job and work long hours. When I sit down to write, all of that goes away. It’s very relaxing.
What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
You really must write what you like and what you believe in. No matter how good a writer you are, you can’t pick a popular genre and try to crank out something that fits that genre. Because it won’t be sincere. And readers will pick up on that.
How did you get your books published?
I’m self-published. So I just type up my story in a word document then toddle off to Amazon and upload the document along with a cover. And voila! I’m published! It’s so easy!
What do you want to say to your fans?
To my small clan of fans, I just want to say thanks from the bottom of my heart. Without you guys, I would have given up after the third book. But my readers wouldn’t let me get away with that and I’m eternally grateful.
 Can you reveal Force’s cover?
force cover
 Thank you so much Taylor!
You can find Taylor Longford at:

It seems like everyone’s buzzing about this and I’m so excited! It’s such a great idea. I will definitely be nominating my favourites.

1. My never ending TBR pile
I accept now that I was born with a TBR list I will never finish. Every time the list gets smaller, I buy more books and we’re right back to square one.

2. Running out of storage space
I unfortunately do not have a never ending bookshelf to match the huge piles of books I own, which means I have to either give books away (the horror!) or double stack my books or leave them in messy piles around my room,

3. How to organise my books?
I currently have my books organised in alphabetical order by author’s surname, however I see beautiful colour order shelves and wish I could so that. However rainbow order means books of the same series are split up and I’m not sure I could deal with that. And then sometimes I debate having a read and to read shelf. It’s just all so stressful!

4. Bad book to film adaptations
We all know exactly who I’m talking about when I say this, yes you Percy Jackson. It makes me so angry when films are completely different to the book, they might just as well have made a brand new film off the top of their heads.

5. Having to wait 9 lifetimes for the next book
This is possibly the worst thing in the world, reading a book and absolutely adoring it only to find out it’s sequel doesn’t come out for 2 more years. It breaks your heart.

6. Sore shoulders
Having aching shoulders because you’ve had to lug about the huge hardback you’re currently reading and then being permanently lopsided if you don’t have a backpack.

7. Books cost money
I cannot afford to buy all the books I want. For example I have had to wait ages to get Alienated as I couldn’t justify spending £11 on the hardback so I had to wait until it came out in paperback.

One, two, three, four; I declare a suit war.

In a parallel universe known as Drac, the four kingdoms (called suits) have been at war for centuries. Each suit (Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, and Hearts) is made up of a playing card hierarchy that is ruled by the King, Queen, and Jack, and every subject is born with their suit and number imprinted on the back of their neck. The number (a rounded-up average of their parents’ numbers that is between two and ten) is based off their ancestors’ loyalty to the Crown.

There is, however, one randomly selected person in each suit that is born with an A (the symbol of the Ace) on their neck, making them the societal outcast. It is forbidden for the four aces of Drac to ever come together, because there is a myth that if all four of them join hands, they can set off an explosion that will kill all living beings except for themselves. Regardless, the Ace of Hearts, thirteen-year-old Celia Rumer, decides to try her luck in rallying the aces together after the King of Hearts suddenly commits suicide. She hopes that the threat of the four aces banding together will bring an end to the suit war, but will she be able to find the other aces without facing dire consequences of breaking the law?

Welcome! Today I would like to introduce you to J. B. Kantt, the Wattpad author who wrote The Suit War (blurb above).  Here’s a quick author biography written by her.the suit war

All I can really say for now is that I’m an aspiring author, named J.B. Kantt, who’s also studying to become a pediatrician. My debut novel, a teen paranormal about my interpretation of angels, demons, and gods, will be coming out sometime this year.

So let’s dive straight into the questions.

What are some of your favourite books on Wattpad?
Secret Wings by MLB998
Accidentally on Purpose by algort

What are some of your favourite books off Wattpad?
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
You Don’t know Me by David Klass

How long have you been writing/ on Wattpad?
I’ve been on Wattpad since October 6, 2014.

Why do you like Wattpad?
I like Wattpad because it’s a great place to not only share my work with readers, but to also meet other readers and writers around the world.

How do you get ideas for your stories?
I wish I knew—you’d be surprised by the random ideas that my crazy imagination comes up with, haha. But seriously, I think I’m just inspired by life in general, things that I experience and things that other people experience.

Which scene from your books did you enjoy writing the most?
I don’t think I had one specific scene that I enjoyed writing the most. For me, my favorite scenes to write are those that have extensive dialogue—I LOVE writing dialogue.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
My advice for aspiring authors is to keep writing because practice makes better; so the more you write, the better you write. And for those aspiring authors who want to get published, never give up because it only takes one “yes”.

What is your favourite thing about writing?
My favorite thing about writing is being drawn into the story as I write it. It’s just so enjoyable to play out the lives of so many different characters from all walks of life.

One of your books has been published, how did that work/happen?
With the book I’m getting published with a small press (in 2015), I submitted it to multiple agents and publishers for months until it was finally accepted. I definitely did a lot of research, and it wasn’t easy, but I’m glad that I didn’t give up.

Would you recommend Wattpad?
I would definitely recommend Wattpad.

How has your writing developed/ how do you think Wattpad has helped you improve as a writer?
Wattpad has helped push me to update as often as I can, since I don’t want to let my readers down. In turn, I’m writing more and more, which I think is making me a better overall writer.

Have you had any criticism/unkindness and if so how did you deal with that?
Fortunately I have not really experienced any criticism (that wasn’t constructive) or unkindness on wattpad. But in general, I do my best to ignore bullies.

Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you so much for interviewing me! I really appreciate it!

Thanks so much for appearing on my blog, it was an absolute honour to have as part of Wattpad Wonders.

To recognise the fact that today is Single’s Awareness Day (Or Valentine’s Day as some call it), I am going to be different and talk about some of my favourite single characters who are good friends. Haha! Not what you expected, huh? When I actually started to think about my favourite characters, I realised the majority of them had a girlfriend or boyfriend by the end of the book/series, so this was quite the challenge.

10. Prim (The Hunger Games)

Without revealing the ending, I will simply say that that Prim is almost as admirable as Katniss. She transforms from a weak and scared little girl to a strong and determined young woman who will fight for what she believes in and is a good as a doctor as any trained adult.

9. Isaac (The Fault in our Stars)

Though admittedly he starts the novel with a girlfriend, she is a witch with a capital B and dumps him pretty quickly. I love Isaac so much, he makes me laugh and is a good friend to both Hazel and Gus despite the fact that he has plenty of his own problems.

8. Minho (The Maze Runner)

Minho is hands down my favourite character in the Maze Runner Series, in fact he was pretty much the only character I really like. He is so sarcastic and always has to have the last word.

7. Nehemia (Throne of Glass)

Nehemia is just a really good friend to Celaena and despite the fact that she is a princess, she can stand up for herself and for her people. While physically she may not be a fighter, her intellect and determination may her one hell of an enemy,

6. Johanna Mason (The Hunger Games)

She don’t need no man to awesome. She’s definitely had some downs, but she keeps fighting. Her strength and stubbornness are unbelievable and seriously impressive.

5. Neville (Harry Potter)

I know in the epilogue we do see Neville married, but throughout the series, Neville never really has a girlfriend. Neville is just a good friend and is always there to support others. He also really steps up to the plate in the Deathly Hallows, where is that shy boy we once knew?

4. Tyson (Percy Jackson)

I feel like Tyson really doesn’t get enough love, he’s just so adorable. The way he just wants to help Percy and is so excited to have a brother, even when Percy initially rejects him. Bless him!

3. Dee (Obsidian)

I have only read the first book and I know she technically has a boyfriend, but Dee is such a good friend, she couldn’t not be included on this list. I think everybody deserves a friend who is as awesome as Dee.

2. Ari and Janco (Poison Study)

I know technically they are two separate people, but in my mind they are practically one person, you never see one without and the other and in the three books I have read, neither of them have a girlfriend. They make me laugh and are pretty ninja like fighters.

1. All of the boys from Catching Jordan

I know some of the boys are dating various people, but this team is such an awesome group of friends. Sure, they have their ups and downs, but at the end of the day, they are all there to support each other when it matters.

To celebrate a week of holiday off school, I am announcing a blog-a-thon on alwaysopinionatedgirl. This means I am going to post everyday for the next nine days. But before we all get excited about that, I had an impromptu and unexpected hiatus from blogging over the past two weeks. I’ve been really busy with school and went on a school trip meaning I had loads of work to catch up on. So I’m really sorry about that. Hopefully this will make up for that.

sorry gifSo some of the things I am planning on posting over the next week are:

  • Valentine’s Day Special
  • Alienated By Melissa Landers Review
  • Into the Woods Movie Review
  • Top Ten Tuesday
  • Addictive Blog Award
  • Versatile Blog Award
  • Wattpad Wonders Author Interview

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