To celebrate a week of holiday off school, I am announcing a blog-a-thon on alwaysopinionatedgirl. This means I am going to post everyday for the next nine days. But before we all get excited about that, I had an impromptu and unexpected hiatus from blogging over the past two weeks. I’ve been really busy with school and went on a school trip meaning I had loads of work to catch up on. So I’m really sorry about that. Hopefully this will make up for that.

sorry gifSo some of the things I am planning on posting over the next week are:

  • Valentine’s Day Special
  • Alienated By Melissa Landers Review
  • Into the Woods Movie Review
  • Top Ten Tuesday
  • Addictive Blog Award
  • Versatile Blog Award
  • Wattpad Wonders Author Interview

fist_bumpCool, huh?