I’ve done this post before – around a year ago (you can check it out here) and it provided a good few laughs so I thought I’d do another one, although admittedly I think this time’s search terms are less funny.

1. harry Ginny brave girl – This is just a somewhat random collection of words but I appreciate the fact that Ginny gets a capital letter but harry doesn’t. I did write a post about Ginny that I really love though – here it is!

2. ya romance tropes – This is the most popular search terms leading to my blog – clearly you guys really just want to find out about ya romance tropes – you can check out my take on them here

3. Sally Slater wattpad interview – This is one of my fave interviews with an indie author who was previously on Wattpad before becoming published. I love supporting littler authors like that so you can read that interview here

4. Amazon kindle girl – Not really sure what this person is looking for – kindle books for girls, a girl that reads a kindle or what? 🤔 Nevertheless this somehow lead to my blog – I guess I am a girl that has an Amazon kindle

5. books ive read over the summer – I hate to break it to you but Google probably won’t be able to tell you the books that you’ve read over the summer, however on the other hand if you want to see the books I read over the summer of 2014 you can see that here.

6. “Books of 2017” – Again bit of a confusing search term and I don’t really understand why the sarcastic quotation marks were needed. But if what they were looking for were my top 5 books of 2017 – they could have found them here

7. what disney has taught me – It’s true, Disney teaches us some important life lessons and clearly someone was in need of some of those pieces of advice – you can also read that here