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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme host by The Broke and the Bookish. There were two possible options for this week’s top ten Tuesday, and I thought this one would be more fun, since I don’t really watch or read scary books or movies.

1. Hermione Granger
All you need for this is a black skirt, white shirt and knee high socks or black tights. You can buy Gryffindor ties very cheaply off Amazon if you want a cheaper alternative. However you can also buy Hogwarts robes, Hermione’s wand or a time turner necklace for more money. I currently have a set of Hogwarts robes on my Christmas list.

2. Clary Fray
Clary is such a ninja, all in black with her runes. This costume is so easy to make, all you need is a black vest top, a black leather jacket, black jeans and a pair of black combat boots. If you want you can draw on runes or use temporary tattoo runes. Simples!

3. Tris Prior
This costume is really similar to Clary’s, however instead of runes, you may want to draw on or temporary tattoo Tris’ iconic three birds tattoo.

4. Katniss Everdeen
For this costume, you need natural, earthy coloured clothes, with a mockingjay pin and a toy archery set. For bonus points, plait your hair in Katniss’ signature braid.

5. Luna Lovegood
Luna would just be so much fun to dress up as. All you really need is my layers of quirky, brightly coloured clothes. You could also get a pair of Luna’s cool glasses or necklaces, rings or bracelets. Dressing as Luna, your key aim is to stand out from the crowd.

6. Annabeth Chase
The best way to go about this costume is to buy an orange T-shirt and using either permanent marker or material pens write on the T-shirt ‘Camp Half Blood’. Pair this unique new T-shirt with jeans, and trainers, perfect for fighting monsters in.

7. Capitol Citizen
Again this one would be great fun, all you need is brightly coloured clothes, a brightly coloured wig or hair dye and some unusual make up. This would not only be really fun, but also simple and quite cheap, as long you own some unusual clothes.

8.  Celaena Sardothian
You can choose either a ninja like fighting outfit, or one of the gorgeously described dresses that Sarah J. Maas puts her in. Let’s be honest, both options are absolutely fabulous and mean you will outshine all of your other friends.

9. Tessa Gray
Just imagine the beautiful dresses you could wear to dress up as Tessa. The range of gorgeous dresses Cassandra Flare describes for Tessa almost makes me jealous. Admittedly this costume may be harder to find, but the search would be worth it.

10. You
Personally I believe readers are just as much a part of the story as the characters are, so dress up as a reader. Dress like you would any other day and then carry around one of your favourite books. Voilà! Costume sorted!

After participating in various tags that I really enjoyed, I have decided to create my own. Basically you have to think of a book character for each letter in the name of your blog and then post the final acronym.

Ariadne Delos
Luna Lovegood
Will Herondale
Annabeth Chase
Yelena Zaltana
Sam Cortland
Peeta Mellark
Nehemia Ytger
Isabelle Lightwood
Opal Cown
Noah Hutchins
Augustus Waters
Tris Prioe
Emma Carstairs
Daemon Black
George Weasley

That was so difficult! I have way too many O’s and I’s in my blog name. Okay, so I tag:
Gwen at Gwenkate’s Library
Alyssa the literature nerd
Molly Mortensen at Woven Magic Books
The Writing Hufflepuff

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme host by The Broke and the Bookish. And today, for the first time, I’m late, but please just ignore the fact that today is a Wednesday. (I’ve been busy!)

1. The Darkest Minds series
2. The Grisha series
3. Alienated series
4. Daughter of Smoke and Bone series
5. Legend series
6. His Fair Assassin series
7. Fire and Thorns series
8. The Winner’s Trilogy
9. The Lunar Chronicles
10. Shatter Me series

Another book I absolutely loved because of the adorable romance and realistic characters. Both of the main characters had genuine personalities and real issues. Both had their own issues to try and solve, yet when they were together it was as if they could take on the world.

However it wasn’t all smooth sailing, initially they disliked each other due to unfair high school stereotypes. They both showed how cruel and unkind high school can be everyone, not matter how ‘cool’ or ‘popular’ people are. I absolutely love (and by love I mean hate in some cases). They are all so 3D, none of these annoying flat parents and friends that instantly become unimportant when the main character meets her love interest. Of course, you see all the characters through Echo’s and Noah’s POV, which makes it all the more interesting when they both realise that they are wrong and that the people they have villanised aren’t all bad, just like real life.

I recently listed Pushing the Limits as one of my top ten character driven novels and I think that’s what really makes this book great. I can’t wait to read more Katie McGarry novels.

The book I intend to read :

  • Crown of Midnight – Reread
  • The Book Thief – Historical
  • Romance – Tempest
  • Split Second – Black cover
  • I capture the castle – Gift
  • A Discovery of Witches – Witches
  • Heir of Fire – Fall Release
  • The Set-up – Orange cover

And any others I discover that find the criteria.

1. Hogwarts
I know this is on everyone’s list but I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t want to go to Hogwarts. I have yet to get my Hogwarts letter but I remain faithful that it got lost in the post (for a very long time). Well, one can only hope!

2. Camp Half Blood
Again, a no brainer. Name one bad thing about Camp Half Blood (except for you know, the monsters). Ah ha! See you can’t! Worldest best summer camp, maybe not the safest but definitely the best. I am just waiting for my godly parent to claim me. Any day now…

3. Idris and the Institute
I would love to become an awesome ninja shadowhunter and the best place to learn how… Idris! Idris would be so cool, but if I can’t go there I guess I’ll settle for the Institute, preferably in New York or London, but I’m not picky.

4. Adarlan
This would be sooooooo cool! Admittedly probably pretty terrifying at the same time but none the less awesome. I would love to visit some of the places mentioned in the books, especially the glass castle and the desert.

5. Narnia
Who wouldn’t want to go to Narnia? Think of all the great friends you could make and all the adventures you could have. I am peering at the back of my wardrobe as I type in the hope I might finally find Narnia

6. Paris
I have been before, but reading Anna and the French kiss made me really want to go again as I may have mentioned in my review last week.

7. Amsterdam
Again like Paris I have been before, but reading The Fault in Our Stars made me want to go again, except this time preferably with my own Augustus Waters.

8. Dauntless Headquarters
The Dauntless headquarters are described so awesomely in the book so I really want to go. Unfortunately I don’t think I could make in dauntless so I think I’d have to settle with a visit as opposed to bring an initiate.

9. Victorian London
The Internal devices made me wish so bad that I could find travel back to Victorian London, which would be absolutely epic. I mean the cool dresses and gentleman whilst also kicking major demon butt.

10. The Capitol
I think it would be really cool just for one day to dress up and party like I lived in the Capitol. I couldn’t do it for longer because I’d feel guilty about those starving in 12. However a Capitol makeover, no girl could refuse!

I have only watched the first four episodes, but I have decided to write a quick mini review for the series so far. Admittedly it’s not the best TV show out there, but I quite enjoy it, despite all the bad reviews. To watch this series you really have to suspend disbelief, but it is something different and that’s refreshing. It’s not about vampires and werewolf’s or angsty teenagers or even worse angsty teenage vampires. I am really into apocalyptic books at the moment so it’s really interesting to watch an apocalyptic TV show.
The plot is action filled and attention grabbing. It keeps you hooked and before you know it the episode is over and you have to wait a week for the next one. The characters are not the most amazing but I must admit I did cry twice whilst watching the first two episodes. I’m a very emotional person! I find the random little bit of romance they had shoved in hilarious because apparently it’s illegal to have a TV show without romance.
Anyway that’s just a few of my quick thoughts after the first four episodes.
This was one of my reviews for the So Behind – Review-a-thon.