Since I don’t really DNF books and if I do I don’t record it today I’m going to list books that looking back I wish I’d DNFed:

All the Bright Places – This is a book that is massively popular but I’m being honest I’m just not a massive fan. I’m not sure I can even put finger on why but to me it felt quite cliché and like other books I’ve read.

Pandemonium – This series just had a load of really random and very frustrating endings so I stopped after this book but I wish I hadn’t bothered with this one either the ending was so annoying!

If I Stay – This is another popular YA contemporary that I just wasn’t big fan of. If I’m being honest it wasn’t that memorable so I can’t even tell you why I didn’t enjoy it but I just remember not being bothered by it the whole way through.

Fallen – I read this in that period of time where everyone was absolutely obsessed with paranormal YA, just after Twilight but this one just wasn’t great at all!

The Selection – The issue with this one was it wasn’t what I expected – I’d heard so many good things from other people and the blurb made it sound super exciting and dramatic so when it came to it I felt a little let down.

Hush, Hush – Another paranormal YA that I read in that period of time when that was the only type of book I seemed to read but it wasn’t really that great. It’s just very similar to lots of other books I’ve read.

Looking for Alaska – I’m not the biggest John Green fan but I did enjoy both The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns. However I just wasn’t really a big fan of this one, who knows why?

This isn’t quite ten, I only made it to seven but here are the books I wish I’d DNFed! Which books do you wish you’d DNFed?