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Monthly Archives: June 2014

The Book of the Year Bracket Challenge is a blogging challenge open to all reading bloggers and operated by Elle at Erratic Project Junkie.  Participants set a goal for the number of books they wish to read in a year and then enter those books into an NCAA style bracket of any size and in any order they choose. During January 2015, all participating bloggers will begin working through their brackets, eliminating books and picking champions with the ultimate goal of naming their favorite book (book of the year) for 2014. For all BOTY Bracket Challenge information, scheduling, and updates, visit Erratic Project Junkie.

This is going to be my first ever book challenge. I am really looking forward to doing this, as I can never say what my favourite book of a given year is. I hope to read 64 books by the end of the year, but given the fact that by half way through the year I have only read 17 books, I think 32 is a more realistic goal. So I will aim to read 32 books and if I do get to 64, I will be absolutely thrilled!

This is my first ever post and I can’t wait to get blogging. Opinionated and sarcastic are words often used to describe me, but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. True, I am very sarcastic and I do have opinions about almost every topic. But opinionated doesn’t always mean conceited and sarcastic doesn’t always mean unkind. To start off here are ten facts about me:

#1 I love to read, my room is full of books. In fact, I have run out of bookshelf space.

#2 My favourite colour is blue, which the colour my room is painted. My room is pale blue with a turquoise feature wall.

#3 I have a little brother, who I love the majority of the time, however sometimes he can really get on my nerves.

#4 I love to eat, especially sweet food such as raspberries, strawberries, chocolate and sweets.

#5 TV programmes I watch religiously include Arrow, Marvel Agents of Shield, Downton Abbey, Glee and Star Crossed.

#6 I am very nerdy, however I don’t find the word nerd an insult because nerds rule the world. I love English and languages, but have an extreme dislike of maths and science.

#7 I like to listen to music, but I don’t really have a favourite band or artist. I just listen to whatever I feel like or what’s stuck in my head.

#8  I don’t like scary movies, but love a good rom com. I also love going to see books that have been made into movies. (Though I always complain about the scenes the director misses out)

#9 It annoys me when people obsess about celebrities (especially One Direction).

#10 I am unbelievably bad at sport. I’m so uncoordinated, I can barely catch a ball. I do wish I was more sporty though.