Now this might seem like a bit of an odd post from a book blogger and book lover, but we have to face the truth. We can’t possibly keep all the books we’ve ever owned so how do we get rid of them?

1. Gift them to family or friends – perhaps you’ve grown out of a certain book, so then why not gift it to a younger friend or relative? Or if you’ve got more than one copy of a book you enjoyed then maybe you could give it to a friend with similar reading tastes.

2. Send them to a charity shop – Charity shops are always looking for things to sell and books are always popular! Charity shops will take any book in decent condition and will be able to turn your unwanted books into money for charities. And in the UK there are loads of different choices of charity shops from Cancer Research to Save the Children and RSCPA so you can send your books off to a charity that means a lot to you.

3. Sell them – If you have particularly good book, perhaps a signed copy or good quality box set you could try selling them on somewhere like eBay – I know I’ve bought books second hand online before.

4. Send them off on book selling websites – You send off boxes of books to websites such as Zapper and Ziffit where you can sell books for somewhere between 3p to £1.50. They won’t take every book and they have a minimum of £5 or £10 worth of books before they’ll allow you to send them a box but this can be a good way to make a bit of money very easily from some of your old books before you send them rest of them off to a charity shop.

5. Swap them on #booksfortrade – Obviously you can’t sell ARCs so this is a great way to give rid of some of your old ARCs you don’t want and get some new books in return.

So those are my top five ways of getting rid of books! Have you tried any of these or do you have other ways of getting rid of old books?