Some of the searches that have led to my blog have been confusing, amusing or just downright odd. I thought I’d share my 8 favourite search terms with you guys.

  1. alia bhatt coloured hair – This girl was part of my Alienated fan cast that was guest posted on my blog as part as SBPT but I’m not quite sure how her hair and its colour featured as part of that. I feel like the searcher must have scrolled through thousands of pages to eventually get to my blog.
  2. teen nudist blog tbr –This one disturbs me a bit – I mean, how an earth do you get from this search term to be my perfectly respectable, fully clothed book blog? And also who is out their blogging about their life as a teen nudist? I guess I just have to be glad that the nudist understands the importance of having a TBR.
  3. thrones – This one is ambiguous and intriguing. Who is googling thrones? Why are they googling thrones? Are they planning on taking over the world and ruling over us all? Who knows, but I hope they found what they wanted when they googled thrones and that they are a kind and just ruler when they take over.
  4. “nerd but hate math”-This phrase describes me perfectly and makes me laugh. I’m definitely a nerd but I’m a nerd about languages and books not maths or science. This search probably led to my blog because I think in the first post I ever wrote, introducing myself I mentioned this.
  5. celaena sardothian wig – Let’s be real, the majority of us have dreamed about having the fabulous hair that she does on the book covers but I certainly never looked for a wig of her hair. I imagine it would come in handy if you’re trying to cosplay or just fancy looking fabulous. I’m not quite sure how this led to my blog as I certainly don’t sell wigs.
  6. I love messy broken things – Okay then… I’m not quite sure what to say about this one. It’s certainly an odd thing to type into a search engine, but who I am to judge? This search term must have got to my blog through my review of Beautiful Broken Things.
  7. sweet boty – This one made me laugh the most! Someone made a typo and ended up at my blog when this is clearly not what they were looking for! I imagine they wanted sweet booty, but instead they ended up with the final ‘sweet’ sixteen of my book of the year (BOTY) brackets. I’m not sure if it’s a shame or a bit of good luck for them but oh well!
  8. murder mystery percy Jackson fanfic – Sorry, I don’t write fanfic. Though this does sounds like a good idea! However I’m not sure Percy would end up solving the mystery, it seems much more likely Annabeth would sweep in and save the day. He would however be good fun at a murder mystery party like I said.