One, two, three, four; I declare a suit war.

In a parallel universe known as Drac, the four kingdoms (called suits) have been at war for centuries. Each suit (Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, and Hearts) is made up of a playing card hierarchy that is ruled by the King, Queen, and Jack, and every subject is born with their suit and number imprinted on the back of their neck. The number (a rounded-up average of their parents’ numbers that is between two and ten) is based off their ancestors’ loyalty to the Crown.

There is, however, one randomly selected person in each suit that is born with an A (the symbol of the Ace) on their neck, making them the societal outcast. It is forbidden for the four aces of Drac to ever come together, because there is a myth that if all four of them join hands, they can set off an explosion that will kill all living beings except for themselves. Regardless, the Ace of Hearts, thirteen-year-old Celia Rumer, decides to try her luck in rallying the aces together after the King of Hearts suddenly commits suicide. She hopes that the threat of the four aces banding together will bring an end to the suit war, but will she be able to find the other aces without facing dire consequences of breaking the law?

Welcome! Today I would like to introduce you to J. B. Kantt, the Wattpad author who wrote The Suit War (blurb above).  Here’s a quick author biography written by her.the suit war

All I can really say for now is that I’m an aspiring author, named J.B. Kantt, who’s also studying to become a pediatrician. My debut novel, a teen paranormal about my interpretation of angels, demons, and gods, will be coming out sometime this year.

So let’s dive straight into the questions.

What are some of your favourite books on Wattpad?
Secret Wings by MLB998
Accidentally on Purpose by algort

What are some of your favourite books off Wattpad?
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
You Don’t know Me by David Klass

How long have you been writing/ on Wattpad?
I’ve been on Wattpad since October 6, 2014.

Why do you like Wattpad?
I like Wattpad because it’s a great place to not only share my work with readers, but to also meet other readers and writers around the world.

How do you get ideas for your stories?
I wish I knew—you’d be surprised by the random ideas that my crazy imagination comes up with, haha. But seriously, I think I’m just inspired by life in general, things that I experience and things that other people experience.

Which scene from your books did you enjoy writing the most?
I don’t think I had one specific scene that I enjoyed writing the most. For me, my favorite scenes to write are those that have extensive dialogue—I LOVE writing dialogue.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
My advice for aspiring authors is to keep writing because practice makes better; so the more you write, the better you write. And for those aspiring authors who want to get published, never give up because it only takes one “yes”.

What is your favourite thing about writing?
My favorite thing about writing is being drawn into the story as I write it. It’s just so enjoyable to play out the lives of so many different characters from all walks of life.

One of your books has been published, how did that work/happen?
With the book I’m getting published with a small press (in 2015), I submitted it to multiple agents and publishers for months until it was finally accepted. I definitely did a lot of research, and it wasn’t easy, but I’m glad that I didn’t give up.

Would you recommend Wattpad?
I would definitely recommend Wattpad.

How has your writing developed/ how do you think Wattpad has helped you improve as a writer?
Wattpad has helped push me to update as often as I can, since I don’t want to let my readers down. In turn, I’m writing more and more, which I think is making me a better overall writer.

Have you had any criticism/unkindness and if so how did you deal with that?
Fortunately I have not really experienced any criticism (that wasn’t constructive) or unkindness on wattpad. But in general, I do my best to ignore bullies.

Anything else you would like to add?
Thank you so much for interviewing me! I really appreciate it!

Thanks so much for appearing on my blog, it was an absolute honour to have as part of Wattpad Wonders.