1. My never ending TBR pile
I accept now that I was born with a TBR list I will never finish. Every time the list gets smaller, I buy more books and we’re right back to square one.

2. Running out of storage space
I unfortunately do not have a never ending bookshelf to match the huge piles of books I own, which means I have to either give books away (the horror!) or double stack my books or leave them in messy piles around my room,

3. How to organise my books?
I currently have my books organised in alphabetical order by author’s surname, however I see beautiful colour order shelves and wish I could so that. However rainbow order means books of the same series are split up and I’m not sure I could deal with that. And then sometimes I debate having a read and to read shelf. It’s just all so stressful!

4. Bad book to film adaptations
We all know exactly who I’m talking about when I say this, yes you Percy Jackson. It makes me so angry when films are completely different to the book, they might just as well have made a brand new film off the top of their heads.

5. Having to wait 9 lifetimes for the next book
This is possibly the worst thing in the world, reading a book and absolutely adoring it only to find out it’s sequel doesn’t come out for 2 more years. It breaks your heart.

6. Sore shoulders
Having aching shoulders because you’ve had to lug about the huge hardback you’re currently reading and then being permanently lopsided if you don’t have a backpack.

7. Books cost money
I cannot afford to buy all the books I want. For example I have had to wait ages to get Alienated as I couldn’t justify spending £11 on the hardback so I had to wait until it came out in paperback.