I was sadly disappointed by this movie. I had such high hopes based an a sessions looking trailer and an epic all star cast, however for me, this movie fell flat on it’s face.

The songs and music in general wasn’t particularly great, especially since it was supposed to be a musical. I personally felt as if all the songs sounded the same and usually when I watch a musical, the songs are stuck in my head for ages, however these songs just weren’t good enough for that.

The writing of the movie I felt was just lazy. I liked the usual twist on the fairytale that the Baker’s wife and the Prince cheated on their partners and kissed each other. This is not to say I condone or support cheating, as usually I hate it in books or films, however I made an exception for this as I was curious to see how the characters reacted to this. Then came the disappointment, they killed off the Baker’s wife, now there may have been some deep and well though out reason behind this, but to me, it just seemed lazy. The writers couldn’t be bothered to deal with the emotions involved with the Baker’s wife telling her husband what she had done and them trying to get over it and moving on as a couple and as new parents.

The idea was really exciting, I was so keen to go and see it. A dark twist on a fairytale as a musical? Yes, please! This idea had so Mich potential but it really let itself down. 5/5 for the idea, 2/5 for delivery.