When Dimple met Rishi

This was my first read of the year and I couldn’t have been more pleased with it! I loved both of our main characters Dimple and Rishi and their romance was just so cute! I loved how passionate Dimple is about coding and how much Rishi loves art and how they can both support and encourage each other in these different interests. I must confess I’m a huge fan of the hate to love trope and this book is kind of an example of that, how Dimple goes from hating Rishi to, well you’ll see! I also loved seeing both Dimple and Rishi’s family life and how their culture affects the way they live their lives – in very different ways!

All in all, I gave this book 4 stars and would definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of cute romances, girls in STEM, diverse backgrounds and witty humour!


This book is just so fabulously feminist! As you can tell from my list of feminist reads, I absolutely love a good feminist YA book and this one definitely fits the bill! It’s about a girl slowly growing the courage to stand up and say something about sexism. I loved this because so often YA heroines are either unnaturally brave or complete wimps – Viv is neither! I could really relate to her, wanting to do something but not knowing where to start and then when she does start, starting small and shy but with the support of others, it growing to something awesome!

I also loved this book’s representation of female friendships, it shows the ups and the downs – the unquestioning support, the struggles of a friend triangle and the beauty in making friends and rediscovering friendships. Moxie also contained a romance, which I must admit I adored, it wasn’t the central plotline, which was nice change.

I gave this book 5 stars and would recommend to literally anyone, feminist or otherwise! It really shows the power of teenage girls and that’s why I loved it so much!


I’ve just sped through this book in one evening since I could get it for free with Kindle Unlimited and I really enjoyed. It was a tad predictable but that didn’t stop it from being a cute, fluffy YA romance read. Sally, the main character, is so awesomely geeky! I didn’t quite understand all the references as I’ve never seen either Star Wars or Star Trek but I was loving the Harry Potter references! She’s sick of her best friend and her mum (these two were so funny together!) sending her on so many blind dates so she decides to get a fake boyfriend. This is an incredibly cheesy and unrealistic YA trope but it’s one I love nevertheless, when people go from pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend to more! Our dashing hero here to save the day by volunteering as a fake boyfriend is Becks, all round American boy, attractive, sporty and generally lovable!

Even if you don’t have Kindle Unlimited it’s an absolute bargain and a really enjoyable read. I would give it 3.5 stars and would recommend to anyone wanting a cute quick read!

All of these books are currently less than £3 on Amazon Kindle so I recommend you get your hands on them sharpish! All the links in this post are my affiliate links so if you do decide to buy one of these books based on my reviews, I’d love it if you could use those and help a girl out!