So I thought I’d show you guys my bullet journal! I’ve heard a lot of people say they were planning on starting one for 2018 and I decided to do the same. I tried bullet journal in 2017 and did a couple of months of it but then I became so busy with work, I stopped blogging, reading and bullet journaling. So I thought I’d start again in 2018 and here we are! I’m really nosey and love admiring other people’s bullet journal and spreads so I thought I’d return the favour and show you mine. Although I must warn you, mine are nowhere near as pretty as some of the ones I’ve seen.

The first three pages of my bullet journal – after my index, are my key and my stats tracker. My key includes some of the traditional, widely recognised symbols as well as some of my own, that I’ve just made up because I thought they’d come in handy. The second page is my stats tracker and I know stats aren’t the be all and end all of blogging but I like being able to keep track of my stats and see how my blog is doing. The third page is my reading goals for a year, just being kept track of using circles, cut up into little pizza slices. I must confess I also having a blogging stats page which is currently blank as I’m not quite sure to how to organise it.

Next up in my bullet journal, we have a very basic year overview, where each month gets a third of a page so I can write in some key dates for that month. At the time of photographing, all I had on there was my blogiversary, but I’ve since added the release dates of books I’ve preordered and will continue to add important dates throughout the year.

Next up we have my books read, ARCs and backlist books pages which are pretty simple really. My book read page is organised like a book shelf, just to make a little more interesting to look at than just a straight forward list. My ARCS page contains a table with spaces to write the title, author, date released and date I reviewed it. My backlist books page is the simplest of the lot, with just space for me to write down the backlist books I read and track that challenge.

Then we have three more very basic pages that don’t need much explaining, space to write down all the UKYA books I read, all the films I watch and all the books I’ve reviewed.

After that we get to my first monthly set up, for January. First of all I have a monthly overview so I can record which days I post, when books come out and other important dates in January. Then I have a monthly to do list, where I write down all the things that I want to get done that month, without assigning them to a specific day or week.

Finally we have my January habit tracker so I can keep an eye on my reading, post writing, commenting, book buying, tweeting and admin work for my blog. I also have a weekly overview where I write down the tasks I want to get done each day, as well as recording how much I read each day.

So, that’s my bullet journal! What did you think? Do you have a bullet journal? How do you use yours?