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Since I discovered this challenge on Twitter, it’s something I’m really excited about! I absolutely love UKYA for a whole range of reasons and I’m keen to focus on reading some British authors in 2018. Often the YA industry can seem dominated by US authors but there are so many amazing YA authors in the UK so I’m signing up for the British Books challenge and committing to reading one book by a British author each month.

This challenge is hosted by the wonderfully Michelle over at Tales of Yesterday and you can check out the original post here.

I thought I’d share a few books by British authors that I have on my TBR shelf – let me know which ones I should read first!

  • Solitaire
  • Lobsters
  • City of Halves
  • The Year of the Rat
  • The Bone Season
  • Take Back the Skies
  • Remix
  • Only Ever Yours
  • Traitor to the Throne

Before I leave you all, I’d like to share my top three reasons I love UKYA:

  1. I understand it! The slang, the school system, the geography, you name it, I have at least a basic understanding of it (Within reason, of course!) Sometimes I find myself confused by things going on in American books, I know the years in high school are junior, senior, sophomore and freshman but I have absolutely no clue which order they come in.
  2. It includes places I’ve been to and experiences I’ve had. As well not being confused, I often find I can relate more to books written by British authors and set in the UK. I love hearing about characters doing subjects I’ve studied and exams I’ve taken.
  3. I often find that UKYA and American YA tackle different subjects and that UKYA can end up being a bit more gritty and realistic, which is something I enjoy in my books.