I was tagged by the lovely Emma at Emma’s Chapter So without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is Your Favourite Christmas Movie?

Just one? How can I pick? I did a whole post on this earlier on in Blogmas which you can find here.

What Is Your Favourite Christmas Song?

Again? How am I supposed to pick just one song? You can find my Christmas playlist here.

Do You Open Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
Christmas morning! I know Christmas Eve is a tradition in some cultures but in my house we open our presents on Christmas morning.

What Is Your Favourite Christmas Scent?
Cranberry! I don’t really know why cranberries qualify as a Christmas scent but for some reason or other, it’s a scent you always get this time of year and I love it!

What Tops Your Tree?
A gold star!

Is Your Tree Real or Fake?ย 
Real! I know it requires a lot of vacuuming but you can’t beat the smell of a real Christmas tree.

Have You Ever Gone Christmas Carolling?
Nope, mainly because I reckon no one would want me! If I’m being honest, I’m really not a very good singer, so despite my enthusiasm for Christmas carols, perhaps this isn’t for me.

White or Coloured Lights?
I’ve got be honest, not really something I’ve thought about before. I think our lights are white but I don’t really have much of a preference.

Eggnog or Hot Chocolate?
Hot chocolate for sure! With all the trimmings – whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles, the more the better!

Are You A Buddy the Elf or Ebenezer Scrooge?
Probably somewhere in between, I’m certainly no Scrooge but I’m really not sure I could put myself in the Buddy the Elf category.

When Do You Put Up Your Tree/Decorations?

Usually the weekend in the teens of December but it does vary year on year.

If You Could Travel Anywhere For The Holiday Season Where Would It Be?

That’s a tricky one – I was in the US last year for the holidays and it was so much fun but there’s nothing quite like being home for Christmas.

Do You Make New Years Resolutions?

I try to! I’m not usually very good at keeping them but I do always try and make them.

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