So for the first time ever, I tested out Audible. If you have an Amazon account, you can get a free trial month of Audible that gives you one credit. If you don’t know how the Audible system works, basically you get a credit per month which entitles to you to one audiobook. (Disclaimer : I am the furthest thing from an expert, so if you want any more details, don’t rely on me!)

Since it was free, I decided why not give it a go? It would give me a free book and everyone knows how much I love a free book! I decided to go for Geekerella by Ashley Poston because it was nominated in the Goodreads awards and I fancied the sound of it. So I downloaded the Audible app and my audiobook adventure began!

I genuinely can’t remember the last time I listened to an audiobook – I think we used to listen to Roald Dahl audiobooks on long car journeys when we were little, so I wasn’t sure how the audiobook thing would work out. Here is my list of pros and cons related to Audible:


  • You can listen to books on the go, when you can’t really read books, for example I can listen to Audible when I walk home from school, allowing me to squeeze in extra reading time.
  • It has loads of cool features and settings such as a sleep timer, a button free mode, the ability to just skip back or forward 30 seconds, which helps remind me what’s happening.
  • For the first audiobook it is 100% free, which is a really good deal because nowadays books and especially audiobooks are super expensive.


  • For me it means I take way longer to read a book – the audiobook is approximately 10 hours long but I would be able to read the book much quicker than that.
  • It means you can’t listen to music whilst reading (obviously!) and I quite enjoy listening to music whilst I read so this is a little off putting. I find myself having little breaks from listening to the audio book just to listen to some music.
  • Once you start paying for Audible it is relatively expensive – £7.99 a month so I guess it depends what books you’ll be listening to, as you can buy some books in paperback or on a Kindle for only a couple of quid.

In conclusion I’d 100% recommend everyone who has an Amazon account to get their free trial – after all it’s a free book! But for me, I don’t think Audible is worth it so after I finish my audiobook I will be cancelling my subscription so I don’t ever have to pay. That’s not to say I think Audible is terrible but just don’t think it’s for me.

Have you ever tried Audible? What do you think?