So October was the month I made my grand come back to blogging and blogged for the first time in around 7 months! I’m so glad I have finally come back to blogging and I’m loving it more than ever!

This month I posted:

Starting again

Top Ten Unique Book Titles

It Only Happens In the Movies Release Party

5 TV shows I’m loving at the moment

Hocus Pocus Book Tag

This month I read:

Misty Falls – 4 stars

Angel Dares – 3 stars

Summer Shadows – 4 stars

A Quiet Kind of Thunder – 5 stars

It Only Happens in the Movies – 4.5 stars

What happened this month:

Like I said I start, I commenced blogging once again and I got a new Twitter, since I may or may not have deleted my old account – I’m @opinionful and I’d love to reconnect with you on Twitter, I find it a great place to chat with you guys! Nothing else particularly of note happened last month, as I only started blogging again half way through the month. I did attend a book release party, which was great fun and I blogged all about! I also received a very exciting parcel from My Kinda Book (see photo below) which got me so excited about the Almost Midnight readalong taking place this Friday – the 3rd of November.

2017-10-19 14.02.49

So all in all it was a decent month for me once I got started at both reading and blogging! 

How was your month? What was the best book you read?