This week’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt was vague and mysterious, leaving room for interpretation. It was “Top Ten Books I Wish Had (More/Less) X In Them “. I decided to write a list of books I wish had more emphasis on family because familial relationships are something I feel are really lacking in YA. That’s not to say these books don’t contain any family relationships at all, just that I think more emphasis could have been placed on family, rather than romance

  1. Kiss Camkiss-cam
  2. The DUFFthe duff
  3. Obsidianobsidian
  4. A Court of Thorns and Rosesacotar
  5. Fangirlfangirl
  6. Lois Lane: Falloutfallout
  7. The Raven Boysthe-raven-boys
  8. Alienatedalienated
  9. TroubletroubleSo those are my ten (I know there are only nine, but I tried…)  for this week! Send me a link to yours! I’d love to see how you interpreted this week’s prompt! Are there any books you think should have had more emphasis on family?