So, over this weekend, we had the winter mini bloggiesta and I achieved some stuff!

My To Do List for this Bloggiesta is:

  1. These Vicious Masks Review
  2. Soulmated Review
  3. Blogging Slump Post
  4. Powerful women Post – started
  5. Start reading my next book
  6. Update info on my blog
  7. Set up my bullet journal
  8. Comment on every participant’s blog – 13/26

I have never once finished an entire to do list during a bloggiesta but I’m one of these people who cuts her losses and simply celebrates the things I have managed to achieve! As well as all the things I crossed off the list, I also participated in the Twitter chat, which was great fun and an opportunity to discover some awesome new blogs and make some new friends.

I’ve already put the next (full length, week long) bloggiesta in my bullet journal and you should add it to yours! It’s the 20th-26th March and I will be there, I hope you are too!

If you joined in with bloggiesta, I hope it went well for you and if you didn’t I’d recommend you do next time!