It gives me hope for the future and keeps me going. Yes, there is a lot of negativity on Twitter and plenty of trolls, but I also see so much kindness, support and love from the book blogging community on Twitter. I can see the fact that the book blogging community is changing however Twitter gives me hope that it’s not for the worst and I can expect so many more great things from everyone
It points out my prejudices to me. If you asked me, I, like many others would say that I’m not racist, ableist or prejudiced in any way. However sadly that’s not true. As a privileged white straight middle class girl from England, I am often unaware of my own unconscious prejudice. Twitter has helped to educate me and ensure I am less prejudiced than I was when I first joined. By pointing out my prejudices Twitter allows me to change them.

It helps me to feel confident expressing my opinions and have discussions. Twitter is a great place to have discussions and hear or express opinions. I’ve learnt so much about so many different things just by listening and reading what others have to say. In order to learn, sometimes you just need to be quiet but other times it’s a great opportunity to get into a discussion and share what you think.

It makes me more politically aware. 2016 was a huge year in politics with #EUReferendum and #Election 2016 being two of the most popular hashtags of the year. Being on Twitter has allowed to listen to and be part of conversations about these political issues that didn’t happen in my everyday life. Twitter helped me to become more fired up about politics and although I was disappointed by the result of both votes, I’m now more excited than ever for when I have the right to vote!

It allows me to meet and chat to people that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to otherwise. In my day to day life I meet a lot of different people but at the same time I attend school 5 days a week. Twitter allows me to talk to people I don’t get the chance to in my daily life, whether they’re different ages, nationalities, religions or just have different opinions to me. This is so important because it gets me out of my little bubble and allows to experience more from the world and people around me.