As we’re starting a new year, I thought I’d take a moment to reflect and look back at last year’s resolutions.
Reading ones

Read 64 books – I 100% did not achieve this one, I read less than half of this number of books. However I did have big exams and then a very busy summer before starting A levels, all of which was super time consuming leaving sadly no time for books! I think looking back, I was perhaps a little optimistic so for 2017, I’m aiming to read 52 books, which is 1 book per week, which should hopefully be more manageable and achievable for me, bearing in mind everything that’s going on in my life. 

Read 3 classics – Hahahahahahaha, no. I miserably failed this one, unless you count the French classic I’m being forced to read for A Level French and am approximately 75% of the way through. This is one that I’m not that bothered about. I’d love to read some of the classics that are already on my shelf but I don’t feel the need to force myself to read books because others feel they are ‘better’ than my usual YA.

Join in with some reading challenges –  I joined in with some reading challenges, I didn’t do very well at the #RockmyTBR challenge or any of the bingos I signed up for, however I did take part in the Dewey’s 24 hour readathon, where I read a lot and had great fun. Overall I’d say I managed this one but I need to commit to longer challenges rather than just 24 hour ones! 

Request ARCs sensibly and read and review them in time – Since I didn’t really read or blog that much during 2016, I obviously didn’t really request many ARCs but I think I managed to review the ones I did within the time. That means I think I succeeded at this resolution however that’s only because I didn’t read many ARCs so I couldn’t forget to review them! 

Review half the books I read this year – Since I didn’t read many books this week, this one should have been easy, however I didn’t quite manage it. I did make a conscious effort to review more books so even though I didn’t quite manage this, I didn’t do badly.

Blogging ones:

Post twice a week – Looking back, this one is almost laughable. I don’t know how I thought I might manage to post twice a week but I definitely didn’t manage this one. For 2017, I think I’ll set an aim of posting at least once a week, a target I think is much more attainable for me yet still a bit of a challenge.

Always reply to comments – This one I started off well at however once I took long periods off blogging I wasn’t replying to any comments. I tried to go back and reply but I’m not sure I managed to respond to every single one. This resolution will be one I will be remaking and trying even harder to keep. I love every single comment I get and they really motivate me so I want to ensure I reply.

Join in with blogging events – This is perhaps the only one that I think I was particularly successful at. I joined in with 2 bloggiestas and the Love-A-Thon as well as the Dewey’s 24 hour readathon, all of which were great fun so I look forward to doing even more great events with the blogging community.