I thought I’d share with you guys the email I wrote to the wonderful Rachael Allen, author of The Revenge Playbook, a fabulous feminist book. This letter expressed my feelings about the book and should hopefully convince you to pick it up too.

Dear Rachael
People tend to think that powerful and moving novels have to be serious and sombre in tone, full of long words and contain meaningful quotes that nobody is willing to admit they didn’t understand. Your book, The Revenge Playbook proved those people wrong. It made me laugh and it made me cry but above all it made me think.

The Revenge Playbook is one of the most powerful books anyone (but especially a teenager) could read. It teaches that beauty, bravery and friendship don’t always look the same.

The same courage and strength can manifest itself in many different ways. When we picture a strong woman, there is no one type of girl that should come to mind. Every girl is capable of being brave in her own way. She may not think she is changing the world but she is refusing to let the world change her. She is standing up for what she believes in and fighting injustice on every level.

You haven’t written a story about heroes and champions but you’ve written about ordinary girls like me. Girls with hopes, with flaws and with their own individuality. 

Thank you for not shying away from the tricky and frankly, at times, uncomfortable topics. Your book tackles losing your virginity or choosing not to, religion, rape and the attitudes that surround it as well as football culture in the US. You don’t pull any punches and you don’t hide the ugly truth. You tell us as it is and challenge us to respond.

So the main reason I’m writing to you is to thank you and let you know that even if I’m the only person who has been inspired by your book (I’m sure that’s not the case!) I’m so grateful that you wrote it and really impacted me. I’m keen to pass this on to all my friends as it teaches some of the most important lessons you can learn with the best teaching assistant- laughter!

Your bravery and writing talent has started conversations, opened door and made me think twice about the world I live in.

Lots of love,