The Pros

  • One definite pro is that ebooks are often much cheaper than physical books. Whilst the average paperback costs £6.99 and hardbacks cost even more, ebooks usually cost a couple of pounds, making them much more reasonable to buy and easier on your piggy bank. Sometimes you can buy 3 or more ebooks for the price of one paperback, so in my mind, it just makes sense.
  • Another advantage of ebooks is that they’re perfect for taking on holiday as all you need to do is take one e-reader or tablet or phone and you can read as many books as your heart desires (or your kindle contains!) This means you’re not lugging around heavy books and you don’t have to guess how many books you’re going to read on a given trip.
  • If you’re desperate to read a book, ebooks can be downloading straight away whereas with physical books you have to either go out and buy them (and interact with other humans, ew!) or wait for them to be delivered to you. This comes in esoecaiily handy when it’s a sequel or  a book you forgot to preorder but desperately want to read. (This happened to me with Walk the Edge and I was so grateful for my KIndle at that momement!)
  • This bonus might be personal to me, but I find I read ebooks faster than I read physical books for some bizarre reason. Perhaps it’s because I can’t see the number of pages left or something, who knows! Since I’m always behind for my reading goal for the year, reading faster is definitely a good thing!

The Cons

  • You can’t lend ebooks to a friend. Well, I suppose technically you can if you’re willing to give your friend your Kindle, but that involves an awful lot of love! One of the best things about being a reader is sharing your love of books. For most people this involves physically lending your friend a book, which can’t be done with ebooks, which is a real shame.
  • Since ebooks are so cheap and easy to access, you can end up buying all the books which means your TBR is never ending and your  money disappears faster than the last cookie in the cookie jar. I end up buying far too many books as I don’t even feel like I’m spending money or my TBR list is growing. It’s a real problem for me, and I never know what to do about it.
  • Ebooks are a lot less attractive and enjoyable to collect than physical books. You can’t really admire their beautiful covers or fill bookshelves with them so in that regard they’re definitely less satisfying than physical books. In a similar vein, a bummer about ebooks is that you can’t get them signed by an author, so if I’m ever going to a signing I feel as if I need to buy physical copies of the books even if I already own them on my Kindle.

The Verdict

Ebooks, like all things that exist have both pros and cons, but overall I’d say ebooks are a blessing in our bookish lives when used sensibly and in moderation. They certainly make life easier, but sometimes they make it too easy and I forget the value of books and spend far to much.  They’re a quick and easy fix but aren’t that great as books you love and want to treasure forever.

What do you think?

How do you feel about ebooks?