Today I’m featuring the lovely Carlisa who is going to be sharing her blogging tips, so without further ado:
I’m definitely not a professional blogger or anything. I do it when I can, where I can, and about what I can. I’ve been book blogging for about a year and a half, though, so I’ve realized some things about blogging over my time. And these tips have made my blogging experience better, but I’m in no way saying this will be how it is for everyone. Blogging is very individual. Yeah, so, here we go:
  1. Make relationships.
    I personally think social media is way important for blogging for this reason. Making sincere relationships with other readers and bloggers makes a huge difference. And in my personal opinion, a smaller number of followers who sincerely care about what you have to say isn’t a bad thing at all.
  2. Go to events if you can. 
    I know this doesn’t apply to everyone based on where you are. I often envy the NYC bloggers who I feel like get to see everything and everyone. But if have the opportunity to go—then go. Hearing authors speak is an amazing thing and changes your reading experience!
  3. Work on your design. 
    I don’t mean go hire someone to design your blog or spend a bunch of money on it. But I do think design is important. Your blog represents you—an ever-changing and growing person. So I also think your blog should change and grow with you. Make it your space. Make sure you like how it looks. What else really matters?
  4. Don’t stress the small stuff.
    I’m definitely one of the bloggers that, if I’m busy, I won’t post until I have time. And since I’m in school right now, this sometimes happens a lot. Especially if you’re not making money from it, blogging is a hobby, and I don’t think hobbies should lead to stress in your free time. Take a break if you need one or change your blogging schedule. Just make sure you blog because you love blogging.
  5. Read.
    We all blog about books because we love books. And, yes, I probably read less because I’m spending time blogging, but just make sure you make time to read the books you love, to read the books that motivated you to start your blog. That’s really what it’s all about, huh?
Thanks, Emily, for having me!
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