My Top Five Buzzwords

After seeing this post on Liam’s Library about his book buzzwords, I had a think and came up with five of my own buzzwords when it comes to books. I thought it was a really cool idea that Liam came up with so I was excited to come up with my own.

  1. Rebellion – This word most often comes up in dystopian novels and that is either annoyingly cliché or super epic but I especially love rebellion when it comes up in fantasy novels. I’m just so intrigued by the idea of the people rising up against those in power to make a change.
  2. Magic – This can come in so many forms, which is part of the reason it’s so awesome. Magic isn’t restricted to one type and varies from novel to novel so you never know what to expect. The only thing you can be certain of is that it’s bound to be epic!
  3. School – Books about school particularly interest me, perhaps because I’m still in school. This has been a buzzword of mine for quite a while, from Malory Towers to The Gallagher Girls to Harry Potter. I especially love boarding schools that have an unusual twist.
  4. Feminism – Any book with feminism is sure to be a win with me! Recently I’ve read a few feminist YA novels that I’ve really enjoyed so this one is definitely a buzzword for me because it doesn’t dictate anything about the books expect it’s likely to be awesome. Feminist novels can be about any topic, they just have the sort of ideals I believe in.
  5. Class/caste system – I haven’t read many books that include this but it’s an idea that really intrigues me especially when it’s included in a fantasy or historical setting.  I love how people are divided up and stereotyped but then manage to break out of society’s rules and expectations.