1. WordPress – Obviously the first app every single blogger needs is WordPress (or Blogger). This allows you to write and post your posts, view other blogger’s posts and look at your notifications and stats. This one is definitely 100% a necessity. It means your blogging isn’t constrained to when you’re sat at your computer – it can be done on the go!
  2. Twitter – In my mind, this one is another essential. Blogging just isn’t the same without social media and the opportunity to connect with others. Twitter allow you to do just that and I love being able to access that when I’m out and about.
  3. Goodreads – This app is so handy for keeping track of what you’ve read, what other have read and for checking out reviews before you choose to read a book. I also love the annual reading goal and being able to see how I’m doing on my phone.
  4. Wunderlist –I love this app as I can make tonnes of different lists to do with my blogging and keep track of it all.  Currently I think I have lists of: ARCS to read, post ideas, reviews to write and admin to do. I’m a huge fan of lists so I love being able to write them online as well.
  5. Bloglovin – Bloglovin is a great way to keep track of other people’s blogs and posts you want to read, especially if they’re based on various different blogging platforms. The app isn’t the best but it is nevertheless a way of accessing the blogs you want to easily.
  6. Google Sheets – I love this app ever since I downloaded a spreadsheet off some fabulous book blog which allowed me to keep track of all the books I’ve read this year as well as all the books I’ve received. It’s just wonderful!
  7. Evernote/Writer – This app just comes in handy when you’re trying to draft posts and is super simple to use and really usual.

So what apps do you use whilst blogging? Let me know!