I’ve decided I’m going to do a set of three posts about some of my unfinished series. This is post number one, about series I’m never going to finish. Following it will be series I own and want to finish and then series I’ve yet to my hands on but really want to finish.

When you try a new series, sometimes it works out and tragically sometimes I doesn’t. These are some series I’ve read recently that I’m not going to finish because generally the first book didn’t capture my interest.

The Selection – I read the first two books of this series but then I got bored and never really felt the need to pick up the next book, so I didn’t. To me, the characters were all rather 2D and no one wants to read about flat characters.

Uglies – I’ve read the first book in this series and the premise seemed vaguely interesting however I didn’t really care for the characters or feel a great desire to read on so that series was ditched!

Delirium – This book had too many plot twists for me. The final plot twist revealed at the end of book two was unrealistic and too be honest, frustrating! After that, I couldn’t bare to read on, so it was farewell to the Delirium series.

Scarlet – I read the first book because I loved the idea of a Robin Hood retelling but this book was disappointing so I won’t be continuing with the series. I didn’t get attached to the main character so if I’m being honest I don’t care what happens to her in book two.

Wither – I bought this book on a whim for about £1 in The Works and although the idea was really interesting, it’s been about 2 years and I haven’t picked up the second book which shows that I’m not really that bothered for the book.

Generally it seems the reason I ditch books is because I don’t like the characters or I’m not that bothered to read on.

What are some of your unfinished series you’re never going to read?
Why do you ditch series?