March has been an absolutely abysmal month for me, but I’ll wrap it up anyway.

I confess to reading only 2 books in the entire month of March, however they were both highly anticipated books for me and both 5 stars!

The Winner’s Kiss – 5 stars

winner's kiss

Walk the Edge – 5 stars

walk the edge

(I put both covers on because the American one is so much nicer, but my copy has the UK cover, so I thought I should represent that)

As well as only reading 2 books, I only wrote 3 posts, which were:

Flawed ARC Review

Spring Bloggiesta To Do List

Names You Can’t Pronounce

I’m really hoping that this month will be better after the terrible, slumpy month that was March.

Have you guys got any tips for being in a blogging slump and how to come out of it? Let me know!