I decided to search on Google, the words why are books and see what the four most popularly searched questions are and then try and answer them.

Why are books important?

Books are important because they give people a space where they can escape their world and be any they want to. They allow people the opportunity to be imaginative and learn more about all sorts things. They are also a platform for discussing difficult but relevant issues that people have to deal with. They give people somewhere they know they can turn to no matter what.

Why are books better than movies?

This is a debate that’s been around for as long as movies has existed and personally I’d say books are better than movies becuase they allow to imagine things and people as you like. You don’t have to rely on the casting director’s view on what the main character is like, you get to read the book and choose yourself. And though I know special effects can be pretty amazing, if we’re being they’re even more amazing in our heads as there is no reliance on science or technology, just our imagination. When we read, we have complete control over the movie in our heads.

Why are books so expensive?

For me, I’d say most books aren’t that expensive, but I guess it depends on your viewpoint and what type of books you buy. To try and answer that question, I’d say because an author has put so much time and effort and of themselves into that book so it is only fair that you pay them for that and allow them to try and make a living. If you are struggling with affording books, there are definitely cheaper ways of getting them like an eBook or borrowing it from the library.

Why are books banned?

Books are nominally banned becuase people feel that a part of them is inappropriate for the audience they are intended. It often occurs in school libraries where the school feel a book isn’t appropriate for their students. Obviously some banned books are banned for good reason, but I feel like lots of books are banned for no good reason and only tackle issues that students themselves may actually be dealing with such as mental health or sex.

So there we have it! The four most popularly Google searches questions about books answered by yours truly!