I decided to combine my hobby that is watching TV with books by recommending some books I love with some of my favourite TV characters.

Felicity Smoak – this feisty computer hacker that’s in love with a hero would love Kestrel and her brains from The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkowski. She would definitely be able to relate to a female heroine with razor sharp wit and the ability to come up with genius plans.

Thea Queen – This angry young billionaire with fighting skills to rival her brother’s would really enjoy Rites of Passage by Joy N. Hensley. I think she’d love to read about Sam’s adventure as one of the first female students in a Military Academy. She would definitely relate to Sam’s tough side and determination to prove herself, particularly to her brother.

Paige Dineen – This mother and carer of a team of geniuses would really enjoy some time relaxing with Emmy and Oliver. I feel like she’d enjoy the romance as a break from her high stress life and would appreciate the intriguing aspects of Oliver’s life and the circumstances behind his disappearance.

Peggy Carter – This determined, fierce and loyal officer would love Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. With both being strong and stubborn fighters with loyal friends to help them uncover the truth and complete their missions, I’m sure Peggy would love to read this book and would soon be firm friends with Celaena.

Iris West – This reporter with a nose for the truth and a determination to find out the full story would really enjoy reading about Lois Lane’s  adventures in Fallout. As a young journalist, who is very similar to Iris, I think Iris would definitely love to hear about her and her relationship with a certain superhero.