Today, I decided to mix it up a bit and list my top ten couples from TV rather than books, like I usually babble about. Besides, I think it would be impossible for me to choose only 10 couples from books!

There’s a huge range of couples on here, from new to old and from canon to my mind. Some of these TV shows are from my childhood (Robin Hood and Merlin) whilst most of the others are from TV shows I currently watch.

Oliver and Felicity – Arrow


This has to be one of my all time favourite couples. I have been shipping them from the very beginning and I’m so happy they’re now finally together and vaguely happy. They work so well together and manage to make me both laugh and cry. From the very beginning, they were good together and with the help of Diggle manage to save the city time and time again, whilst being so cute!

Snow and Charming – Once Upon a Time

Since I’ve only watched the first two series of OUAT, this is the only couple in this show that I’m properly invested in. I love seeing this couples’ progression through the flashbacks and living in Storybrooke. Together they’ve been on such a journey which I find really interesting.

snow and charming

Barry and Patty – The Flash

This is a relatively recent ship for me. In series 1, I very much shipped Barry and Caitlin, however now Barry has met Patty, I think they’d be well matched. I’m only up to the episode where they’ve had their first date, but they make each other laugh and she’s just really cool.

barry and patty

Djaq and Will – Robin Hood

This is perhaps one of the first couples I started shipping (miles before I even knew what shipping was!). The two of them were just so cute together, they were friends and comrades long before they were a couple. They both fight for justice in Nottingham and are just both fabulous separately so when you put them together, it’s fabulous squared.

djaq and will

Walter and Paige – Scorpion


This is a couple I have been shipping since episode 1 and they are getting closer, but they’re still not there yet. They suit each other perfectly, as she helps him be emotional and he helps her to understand her son. She doesn’t try to fix him but helps him to be a better person. I really hope they get together soon or I won’t be able to take it!

Peggy and Daniel – Agent Carter

peggy and daniel.gif

Despite not being an official couple, I must say, I personally fancy the two of them together. Although he was initially suprised by her skills, he is respectful and supportive of Peggy and tries to defend her, even though she doesn’t need it. I just think the two of them would be really cute together and it wouldn’t stop Peggy from being totally awesome.

Thea and Roy – Arrow

thea and roy.gif

Thea and Roy are so cute together and I’m heartbroken he left the show so they can’t be together. I loved how their relationship went from hate to like to love and how different they were, but how they managed to still be together. They certainly had their fair share of fights but I felt like they were good for each other when they were together.

Anna and Bates – Downton Abbey

anna and bates.gif

These two are possibly the most mature couple on this list, who have certainly been through a lot of hardship together. However, they’ve stuck together through thick and thin, never willing to give up on the other which is what makes them so great. I certainly wouldn’t blame either of them for calling it quits, during their tough time, but they never do. They stick together and manage to get through it all.

Arthur and Gwen – Merlin

gwen and arthur.gif

I must confess to not being able remember loads about this couple’s relationship, but I do remember thinking they were adorable. Like Djaq and Will, this is one of the earliest couples I started shipping, during my childhood and I remember liking these two together. She certainly made him a much better person.

Toby and Happy – Scorpion


These two certainly deserve to be happy together. They’ve both had tough pasts and have earned a bit of love. Where I’m up to, they’re not together yet, but I feel like they’re on the way to getting there. The two of them aren’t used to sharing their feelings, so their relationship has been a bit bumpy, but I can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

So there we have it! My top ten TV couples! Do you ship any of these couples? What are your favourite TV ships?