I have more to say than could ever be squeezed into 140 characters so I’d thought I’d write a letter!

Don’t let anyone else define you. Being a girl doesn’t decide what career you can do or tell you that you can’t have a career – you must be a stay at home mother. Be a scientist, an engineer or doctor! But equally you don’t have to go into science or maths to prove them wrong. Be a writer, a translator or a teacher! Do whatever makes you happy and don’t apologise for it. You shouldn’t have to say sorry for doing what you love. Be unapologetically yourself.

Your beauty isn’t limited by someone else’s. For some reason, the world is trying to tell us there is only one definition of what beautiful is. That’s wrong. My beauty isn’t defined or limited by yours. We can be beautiful together and we don’t have to look at all alike. In the same way a rose and a sunset are beautiful, you and I are beautiful.

Help other girls out but don’t feel indebted to them. As girl, it’s easy to feel like you’re in competition with other girls, but that’s not true. You prove nothing by being better than her, you only put her down. Instead help her up and support her. Let her know she’s not alone. At the same time, you don’t owe everyone. Sometimes you just have to put yourself first and that’s okay. In fact, that’s better than okay, that’s a good thing.

Say No as often as you like. Don’t be afraid to say No. It is always your right to say no, regardless of the question or circumstances. Whatever the question is, you should never feel guilty for saying no and you never owe it to someone to say yes.
At the same time, don’t be afraid to say yes. Don’t turn down opportunities because someone else says you should. Go out and grab what you want, saying yes to everything that comes your way. Don’t think you don’t deserve it, becuase you do. You deserve the chance to try just like any man.

Lots of love,