a thousand nights

Despite the fact that I’m not usually an impulse buyer, I must confess this one was a real impulse buy for me. I saw the beautiful cover and picked up to read the first few chapters in Waterstones, and then rushed home to buy the eBook for my kindle. I then promptly read over the next two days.

This book was so unusual. I don’t quite know how to describe it, so you’ll all just have to read it yourselves. One of the things I have to say I loved about this book is the wonderful imagery. There were vivid pictures created with her fantastic writing of wonderful dresses, breath taking scenery and mind blowing magic.

The characters in these books, despite the fact that only one of them was given a name were so wonderfully crafted and really came to life off the page. I loved our main character and her bravery and cleverness. She wasn’t trying to be the hero, she didn’t want to change the world. She just wanted to save her sister and then when she arrived in the qasr, she just wanted to stay alive. I admired how she was thrown into completely new surroundings but was capable of keeping her fire and standing up against the evil that had conquered and killed so many before her.

The plot of this novel twists and turns  throughout, leaving me constantly wondering about what would happen next. I certainly wasn’t expecting the ending but I was surprisingly pleased with it. When it was getting close to the end, I had no clue how it was all going to wrap up nicely, however she managed it and with great talent and finesse.

I loved the elements of magic that were woven into this book. It wasn’t your traditional magic, there were no spells or magic words, but this magic was beautiful and powerful and fit with the setting and story. I also liked the reference to small gods which was a type of a magic and power I had never heard about before. One of the things I found most fascinating about this book was the cultural background behind lots of the elements. It really interested me and made me feel as if I had been transported into another world.

This book was a great high to end 2015 on and it’s such a unique, original read, I would definitely recommend people pick it up.
4.5 stars from me!