These are my eight New Year’s resolutions in relations to blogging and reading.

Bookish ones:

Read 64 books – This was my goal in 2016 and I failed miserably, reading only 36 books, but I live in eternal optimism so I’m setting the same goal for 2016 in the hope that I succeed this year. I know I have exams this year, but my extended summer holidays afterwards should hopefully help me to catch up. At least, that’s the dream.

Read 3 classics – Last hear my goal was 6 and I read none, so I’ve lowered the number and am going really push to get these three books read, as well as more if possible. So far I’m thinking Great Gatsby, To Kill A Mockingbird and I capture the castle, but I’m up for any suggestions of classic books you think I will like.

Join in with some reading challenges – I had a fab time cheering last year in the 24 hour readathon and am thinking of joining in the reading as well as cheering this year, dependent on when it falls. I’m also down for joining in with other readathon and challenges so I’m just generally going to keep an eye for them.

Request ARCs sensibly and read and review them in time – Currently I have about 5 print ARCs which I am obviously going to read and review before they come out. Any other ARCs I receive, I will endeavour to do the same with. I will also only request ARCs if I really want to read them as well as trying to read books I have requested on NetGalley but I didn’t read.

Review half the books I read this year – I am aiming to review more books this year and really build up my review library. Basically I’m order for me to do this, I need to review books straight after I finish them so I don’t forget or lose motivation, which is my current problem. Since I’m aiming to read 64 books, I will be aiming to review 32 books including each ARC I read.

Blogging ones:

Post twice a week – I know I’m going have quite a busy year as I’ve got lots of exams, but through the power of the schedule button I’m aiming to post twice a week. I’m feeling very proud because I’m already starting 2016 with one post scheduled, so long may it continue!

Always reply to comments – I love reading every single comment I get on my blog and they all mean so much to me, helping to keep me dedicated. However often I read them at one time but forget to go back and take the time to reply. So in 2016 I’m resolving to reply to each comment I get on my blog.

Join in with blogging events – I want to join with Bloggiesta as well as Armchair BEA because I had so much fun and made lots of new friends whilst participating in these events last year. They inspired me to get a lot done and write quite a decent amount of posts so I’m really glad I took part and I’m very much looking forward to joining in with them again.

So those are my resolutions, I’d love to read yours so link them below for me!

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