A couple of weeks ago I asked Twitter this questionmy question

And I received some really interesting answers from 22 different book bloggers.

The first category of people were those who chose Harry Potter characters, because, lets be honest, everyone loves Harry Potter, especially at Christmas time.

weasley twinsmolly 2luna

Then we have those that chose some of our favourite swoonworthy book boyfriends.


We also have those that chose people they’d like to hang out with

mollysherlockwill spaigecath and leviannecelaenacaelenacath and wrenange

Cath was included twice, once with Wren and once with Levi, so she’d have a bit of a hectic Christmas, having to swap her partner in between to keep everyone happy.

Celaena was also included twice, but I’m sure the three of you could all spend Christmas together as you both seem keen on the food and you can always exchange gifts before going to kill people. There’s plenty of time!

And finally, there’s those, like me who just don’t know how to choose, after all, there are so many great fictional characters out there, you cant just pick one. The others will be offended.

no clue

Were you featured? If so, let me know. If not, tell me who your pick would be!