I was tagged by Janet @ The Storyteller to do this tag, so thank you so much to her and here we go!

1- Water: A Book You Can’t Live Without

I’m only allowing myself to say Harry Potter once, despite the fact I could probably fit it under all these categories I’m going to have to say Fangirl. I love this book so much because I completely and absolutely relate to Cath. I also find the subtle references to Harry Potter and the Harry Potter fandom really clever and super amusing.

2- Food: A Book That is a Close Second on Your Favourites List

Hmmm, this one’s tough. I’ve already been made to pick just one book I can’t live without, now I have to pick one that is equivalent to food? That’s just plain cruel. I’m going to have to say the Hunger Games. I’ve recently remembered how much I love this series as I watched the final movie, Mockingjay Part 2. The plot is so clever, the message is deep and the characters are 3D and wonderful.

3- Shelter: A Book That Makes You Feel at Home and Safe

This has to be Harry Potter. I read Harry Potter as a child and it has continued to stay with me through my teenage years and I know it will remain with me for my entire life. This is a series I can always return to and it always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Words can’t describe how much I love Harry Potter and how much it means to me.

4- Flare Gun: A Book You Would Recommend to Someone Who Doesn’t Read

To me, the answer to this one is obvious. The Mortal Instruments By Cassandra Clare. I have a friend who isn’t really that into reading, but she adores this series and we’ve even been to see Cassandra Clare. The reason I think these books appeal to people who wouldn’t call themselves readers is because they’re such good fun and so easy to read. There is something in them for everyone, magic, romance and action.

5- Fire Matches: A Book That Warms Your Heart

Since I already had Harry Potter and it would be cheating to have it again. I’m going to say Percy Jackson because the whole camp feel is just so cute and makes me wish I went to summer camp where I could learn to fight monsters and make new friends. I just love the whole dynamic of the book.

6- Compass: A Book That Directed You to Your Love of Reading

Milly Molly Mandy. This was one of the books I read as a child and I remember falling in love with this book and reading. This book made me hungry for even more to read and made me the bookworm I am today.

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