Since I polled on Twitter and you guys said you’d like a weekly wrap up, here is the first one:


Giveaway Discussion – I discussed the different reasons people have for hosting giveaways and my take on that.

Update from Me – I let you guys know in a very unorganised fashion some of the things that have been going on in my life recently.

Story Sprites Sign Up – I signed up for a fun new challenge which will hopefully help me to read all the books!


Jim @ Yayeahyeah said some lovely things about some of my reviews as he added me to the spreadsheet.

ww1 twitterI participated in #FeminismInYA for the second time this Tuesday and had a great time chatting with a likeminded group of people about male and female characteristics.

I also joined in with the #ukyachat about social media and books, where to my great shame I realised I spend more time on social media than reading per day. Another thing I enjoyed was hearing a wide range of views about writing about social media in YA books.

NaNoWriMo Week 1:

So far I’m up to 12,469 words, not including today which I’m pretty proud of. Here are the stats for each day:

1st: 2,175 words

2nd: 1,390 words

3rd: 1,150 words

4th: 1,748 words

5th: 1,668 words

6th: 1,245 words

7th: 3093 words

On the 7th, which was Saturday, I joined in with @FriNightWrites who did 30 minute sprints all throughout the day until one in the morning. They really helped to motivated me and helped me to almost double my average. Also, an added bonus was that I won two prizes, How We Fall By Kate Brauning and a character drawing by @KaraDraws, which is super exciting. So thank you very much to them.

I’m very pleased with how NaNoWriMo is going so far for me, as I’m managing to keep on target and how yet to fall behind, so wish me luck for next week!