Since I haven’t posted lots about me recently, I thought I’d share a bit about how my bookish and bloggy life has been going. This post has no logical order and is just a random jumble of my thoughts.

1. I received a signed copy of Concentr8 by William Sutcliffe from Maximum Pop Books so I’m very grateful for that and excited to read it.concentr8

2. I have had a form about Education on Mental health which has had 28 replies which is awesome. If you still haven’t filled out this form, I’d love you forever if you could fill it out quickly now. You can find it here. This form is just some research before I write a post about the topic inspired by Holly Bourne’s novel Am I Normal Yet?

3. I asked you guys if I should do weekly wrap ups and they answer from Twitter was a resounding yes, as can be seen below.weekly wrap up

4. I have joined in with two #FeminisminYA chats hosted by the lovely Mariam which have been great fun and really interesting, with some great questions. If you too want to join in, they’re on a Tuesday evening at 7:30 GMT.

5. I posted on the other blog I contribute to, The Feministas which discussed whether Halloween costumes are disrespectful or just good fun. I’d love it if you could check that out. You can find it here.