This winter I’m going to be taking part in a fun new challenge called Story Sprites. The rules are a bit complex so I’ve quoted them below, but this should really help me stay motivated to read. Officially this challenge began on the 1st October, so I’m a month but better late than never, hey?

You can find the link here.

1. You can complete any number of the paths. The maximum is 5.

2. Pick your path. Each path is indicated with a color (red, yellow, green, blue and purple). Select books that correspond with the description. And example is listed below:


3. To complete a path, pick a book that meets the requirement for each square and read it. You must read one book PER square. DNFs count, but please try to finish as many as possible. After you are finished with each square of a colour, you have completed a path!

4. As it was mentioned above, you can do just one colour, or all of the colours.

5. Please keep track of your books and your completion. It can be in any format you wish. A blog post, on Facebook, handwritten, Word, or whatever. 

This time’s board is:

Story Sprties Round 2 AutumnI think I’m going to start with aiming to complete the blue path, as I own books that fill all the criteria for that one.

Please recommend any books that you have enjoyed that fit any one of these squares. I’d love your input.