Since I have been going through a bit of blogging slump, it thought I’d do a post that was just good fun for me so here we go with my Kiss, Marry, Kill.

Peeta,  Simon, Jace
Kiss: Jace
Marry: Simon
Kill: Peeta
How an earth am I supposed to make this choice? I genuinely love each of these three guys. I had to make a tough choice though. So despite the fact I love him and how sweet he is, Peeta had to go. I would kiss Jace becuase he is so attractive and flirty and definitely acts like he should be a good kisser. I’d marry Simon becuase I love his nerdiness and I think he’d be a great husband.

Draco, Chaol, Edward
Kiss: Draco
Marry: Chaol
Kill: Edward
That one was kind of easy for me. I absolutely loved Chaol in the first two Throne of Glass books (the only ones I’ve read), he is so sweet and I reckon he would make a great husband. I certainly hated Draco at some points in the Harry Potter series, but by the end he sort of maybe, a tiny bit redeemed himself and he was always quite good looking so… I’m going to kill Edward becuase despite the fact that he wasn’t evil, he was certainly creepy and weird, so I wouldn’t want to kiss or marry him.

Aspen, Gale, Four
Kiss: Four
Marry: Gale
Kill: Aspen
Even though I am firmly 100% Team Peeta when it comes to the Hunger Games boys, I do appreciate the way Gale looked after Katniss and her family, particularly Prim during the Games and also rescued like 900 people from District 12, saving many lives. I would kiss Four becuase he was always very attractive and I did like him and I would kill Aspen becuase there was nothing special about him. I know I only read the first two books and it was a while ago, but nothing about Aspen seemed particularly special to me.

Snape, Voldemort, Lucius Malfoy
Kiss: Snape
Marry: Lucius Malfoy
Kill: Voldemort
I hate all these people so much! Elm was so evil to make me choose. I guess I have to kill Voldemort because otherwise that would defeat the point of the entire Harry Potter series. That leaves me with the other two. I’m going to with kissing Snape and marrying Lucius Malfoy but I’m not dwelling on either of those two thoughts for too long or I might be traumatised for life.

Edward, Emmett, Jacob
Kiss: Jacob
Marry: Emmett
Kill: Edward
I haven’t read the Twilight books in what seems like an absolute age, but I always remember liking Emmett, he made me laugh, particularly in the arm wrestling scene. He had a good sense of humour so he would probably be good fun to be married to. Jacob was always good looking, so I wouldn’t mind kissing him and Edward was just a bit weird and annoying so I’m going to with killing him.

Chaol, Dorian, Sam
Kiss: Chaol
Kill: Dorian
All of Sarah J. Maas’ men are absolutely gorgeous and I would happily have any one of them, but choices must be made. I’d kill Dorian becuase he is probably my least favorite of all the fabulous men. I’d kiss Chaol becuase he deserves it and is just such a nice guy, but one who packs a mean punch. I’d marry Sam becuase despite his small feature I fell in love with him.

Peeta, Chaol, Etienne
Kiss: Chaol
Marry: Peeta
Kill: Etienne
I’d marry Peeta becuase he’s so sweet and would make a lovely husband as he is so thoughtful and caring. Again I’d kiss Chaol becuase he is so good looking and strong and powerful yet kind. I’d kill Etienne becuase although I like him, he doesn’t complete with either Peeta or Chaol.

Finnick, Maxon, Four
Kiss: Four
Marry: Finnick
Kill: Maxon
This one was easy for me. I would have to marry Finnick becuase I love him so much and he is so sweet and brave and hot and I have no words for how much I love him. I’d kiss Four becuase he’s good looking and fit and strong and I’d kill Maxon becuase I never really liked him that much anyway.

Luna, Annabeth, Cassie
Kiss: Luna
Marry: Annabeth
Kill: Cassie
If I had to go for one of these girls, I’d marry Annabeth becuase I could always relate to her as I think I’m also a daughter of Athena and consider myself an academic too. I think we’d certainly have some interesting debates. I’d kiss Luna becuase she gives so much wise advice and can always be trusted so she definitely deserves a bit of love. I’d kill Cassie becuase despite the fact I admire her strength I never really clicked with her.

Feel free to give me more suggestions becuase I had great fun doing this so will do another post if I get more suggestions.