polarity in motion

I don’t even know where to begin when reviewing this book. This is so different to any other book I have ever read. It discussed some really difficult issues and left me with so many questions about the world we live in. Some of the issues this novel deals with are bullying, racism, the impact of the internet, mental illness and the care system, I know, it sounds like a lot to cram into one book, but Brenda Vicars does it so beautifully, I can’t fault her. These are some really tough issues that are really difficult to handle, especially in a YA novel. Somehow Brenda manages it, along with an element of intriguing mystery, a cast of unique, fully fleshed out characters and a cute, but slow burning romance.
Polarity, our protagonist goes through some tough times I can’t even begin to imagine and still manages to stay strong and keep going. No, she isn’t fighting zombies or battling an evil dystopian government, like the traditional heroine, but she is just as strong. She has a nude picture of herself posted online and everything spirals downwards from there. Polarity is relatable to anyone who has ever experienced bullying or difficulty online and her strength and determination inspire me.
The rest of the cast is equally awesome – there was no one character I didn’t understand, which is an incredible feat for an author to achieve. Even the ‘bad guy’ had legitimate motives and was a good person inside, just unfortunately a victim of circumstance.
This is one of the most realistic, yet thought provoking novels I had ever read. I would recommend to all.