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Hey bibliophiles!
Patty here from Bookish Wanderlove, and today I will be sharing with you my Blogging Journey! This was an interesting piece to put together. I’ve never shared, written, or thought about my blogging journey until now :).



My Blogging Journey

Fact: I have always wanted to blog. When I was younger I wanted somewhere that I could post my thoughts and connect with others around the world, yet I wasn’t sure what it was I wanted to blog about. I feel like there is a wide range in age as to who blogs, but you have to understand that I was born in 91′ and when I was younger blogging wasn’t really a thing or popular (by that I mean it wasn’t easy to come across a blog) and my generation wasn’t internet obsessed. We actually enjoyed the outdoors and spent maybe an hour or 2 max on the internet daily, which is a drastic change to how many hours people spend with their faces glued to their cellphones, laptops, iPads, and other forms of technology.

I guess you can say I got my first taste of blogging back in 2003 when came out. I don’t believe Piczo’s intentions were to be a blogging platform but it easily turned into that amongst us teenagers at the time. So what did I blog about back then? Nothing really, haha. It was more so an opportunity for me to learn HTML coding and how to build a website. My post were a combination of pictures of me and friends, movies I was excited to see, and weekend plans. Unfortunately, after a couple of years Piczo started to phase out, but time 2005/2006 came around people weren’t using Piczo often.

Enter 2009. Believe it or not there was a time in which Tumblr was not popular. I’m happy to say that I was part of that phase. Hey, I can even say “I was on it before it was cool!”. Back in 2009 when I was actively using Tumblr (ImaginativeMinds) I came across a lot of people from the UK and the USA, there was maybe a handful of people from Canada. I loved Tumblr, I love the whole concept of being able to use HTML coding and the fact that you can easily post pictures, videos, music, and more. My post mostly consisted of re-blogging pictures and quotes, surprisingly I didn’t post much about books. I think that was because non of my friends liked reading so I didn’t think I would find people who enjoyed it as much as me online. I was wrong!

In 2013 I finally decided to start a book blog on WordPress using my same name from Tumblr ImaginativeMinds. I really enjoyed blogging and the community I was welcomed into, people were so friendly and it really motivated me to keep blogging. However, over time I realized that I didn’t really plan everything out when it came to creating my book blog. I didn’t have a email for my blog, and the name I chose wasn’t one that at the time I felt was book related. So I started brainstorming new blogs, which means I spent a day at my kitchen table scribbling down possible names and asking which ones my mom liked, ergo Bookish Wanderlove.

Blogging has been a real eye opening experience. I found myself an amazing community and have made lots of friends with people who love and enjoying reading just as much as me :). I don’t know what I would be doing with my life or if I would be as happy and content if I didn’t have an outlet to share and express my love for books. So, there you have it. My back story and how I came to be a blogger.

 About the Blogger
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A 20-something year old dreamer who lives in Ontario, Canada. See that girl sitting in Starbucks? Glasses on, headphones in, and deep in thought? That’s her. And when she’s not in Starbucks reading or in Chapters buying more books (to add to her never-ending TBR-list), she’s curled up in bed or a comfy chair deeply engrossed in a book.

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