Sorry guys, this was supposed to go up yesterday but due to a technical glitch I’m posting today now I have returned from YALC. I hope you enjoy regardless!

Welcome to the third week of SBPT where I am featuring Patrick who has written another Playlist becuase I think they are just so much fun. I have definitely been inspired by this to create my own playlists for some of my favourite novels

Here’s my music playlist for Dreamfire by Kit Alloway:

1.) Hold Me up – Conrad Sewell

Everything about this song is perfect for the book, the lyrics, the tempo, everything!

2.) OctaHate – Ryn Weaver

OctaHate is that song you listen to when things get intense, and everything starts coming together. Dreamfire was definitely full of action and intense scenes!

3.) Outside – Calvin Harris (ft. Ellie Goulding)

Ellie Goulding’s voice gets it right when certain parts of the book such as when Josh and Will start to get close and they slowly push and pull each other, is when this song is perfect to listen to.

4.) Ghost – Ella Henderson

I am ABSOLUTELY addicted to this song, it’s just full of energy and excitement, a must listen for all action and suspense scenes in Dreamfire. Especially when Josh and Will go inside dreams! Crazy!

5.) Shake It Off – Florence + The Machine

Florence Welch has one of the most unique voice and Shake It Off she explores how one can shake off the bad feelings coming their way. I listened to this one when the plot of the book began to focus on emotions, feelings, and heartache. Such an amazing song…and voice!

About Him

My name is Patrick! I love to read everything in the YA gerne beacause its awesome, love to drink Starbuck coffee;espcially Frappuccinos! And writing is my second-hand love! 😀 I would be a happy camper would that big smile and the one holding the hardcover book. I’m in 8th grade and my blog is my secret hide-out for my love of books.
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