Today is the second week of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour and today I am lucky to be featuring Andrew, who has created a playlist for one of the books on my TBR list, Red Queen. From the sounds of this playlist this novel is very exciting and should be on everyone’s TBR list if they haven’t already read it.
Now, for Andrew’s Post:

I created a playlist for one of my favorite books i’ve read this year, Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. Having had such a wonderful experience reading and having all the feels afterword, i still after months of reading it, cannot stop thinking about it. I’ve done everything from dreamed to created fancasts and listened to music that reminded me of all it’s glory.
    To me, this song perfectly resembles the opening scene. First Friday is a warning to the Reds, demonstrating Silver Power, dividing the Reds from the Silvers.
    This song definitely embodies the intensity that struck during Queenstrial. Take a listen and i’m sure you’ll feel everything Mare did during the impossible.
    Read this quote:
“You are pretending to be raised Red, but you’re Silver by blood. You are now Red in the head, Silver in the heart. From now until the end of your days, you must lie. Your life depends on it, little lightning girl.”
                                – Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (pg. 95)
    This song just reminds me of The Scarlet Guard and all the secretive meetings (i promise, NO SPOILERS)
    A certain scene that made me set free yet another ship. It was completely swoonworthy and i just.. i couldn’t leave this out.
 Here’s a non-spoilery quote: 
“Anyone can betray anyone… One day he’ll realize i’m his enemy, and all this will be a far-gone memory. But not yet.”
                            -Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard (pg. 228)
    As the blood began to shed. Some sacrifices needed to be made. I had trouble picking a song for this particular moment, but i chose this because i feel like the lyrics speak for Mare. Also, to me it heightens the intensity in the novel.
7.  Hounds – Birds of Tokyo
    Listening to the lyrics, if really reminded me of certain scenes where everything began to fall apart for Mare.
8. Bad Blood – Taylor Swift
Thank you for having me on your blog Emily! I really enjoyed making a playlist for Red Queen and i hope all my fellow Scarlet Guardians can agree with some of the songs i picked 🙂
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