mixolydian musings

Well, it’s day 3 already and I’ve just finished hosting my first Twitter chat, on the topic of book soundtracks, which was loads of fun, so thanks to everyone who contributed! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did 🙂 Now, today we’ve got another international ebook giveaway, this time very kindly donated by Jerry Kaczmarowski. I’ve actually got a review of this book coming up in the very near future, and I’ll tell you now – I really loved it!

Now, to enter for this one, you have to complete a topical quiz – on current science news (the book is science fiction).  You can either post the answers in the comments, on your own blog with a link back to this post, or you can email them to us at blogolympics15@gmail.com. The competition will be open for two weeks, and is open internationally. The winner…

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