So, what do you guys think about sport in fiction? Have you read any books about sport that you have loved or hated? Let us know in the comments, wed love to start a discussion.

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Greetings, athletes! All stretched out and limbered up for a hard week’s Blog Olympic-ing? Yes? Good, let’s begin then!

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The wait is finally over, and a month after the idea’s initial conception, it’s time…

For the first event of the inaugural Blog Olympics… a blog discussion on sport in books! Now, the main way this is going to be a discussion is in the comments, but please also feel free to tweet about it (#BOSport) or create your own post response – just link back to this specific post so we can all have a look! Also, if you’re interested in debating more, make sure you’re around at 8:30-9:30 pm BST tonight, as @BlogOlympics will be hosting a Twitter chat, again using the hashtag #BOSport. Please, if you’re going to contribute to these discussions, sign up here (it will literally take a minute, we swear), or preface your comment with…

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