I have always liked stories that started with Once Upon a Time, so I think that’s what I’ll do when I tell this one. Once upon a time, a few weeks back An Overthinking Teenager posted something on Twitter about possibly hosting a Blog Olympics. I immediately jumped on that bandwagon and started suggesting loads of ideas, some of which I’m sure she’ll say were completely useless, but regardless it became clear we were both really interesting in hosting something like this so I very cheekily asked if I could co-host with her and to my great joy she said yes! It has all sort of spiralled from there and I can now barely contain my excitement whenever anyone brings it up in conversation

Now I’m sure you’ll all be thinking, okay nice story but what on earth actually is a Blog Olympics? This is a very good (and commonly asked) question that I will now answer for you.
It’s a new idea we came up with that will include giveaways, competitions, blog discussions, and Twitter chats We’ve already secured some awesome prizes for you guys (seriously, we are both super jealous and have talked about pinching some prizes for ourselves on numerous occasions). Some of the prizes available to win are Rainbow Rowell and Fangirl goodies, many books from Sally Green, a book from Cathy Cassidy, a signed copy of Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry, a signed hardback copy of Paladin and loads more awesome things – why don’t you go and stalk our Twitter accounts (links below) and try and figure out the rest of the wonderful people donating prizes?

Blog Olympics 2015 is set to run from Wednesday 1st July – Tuesday 7th July – we would really love for you to join, so go and sign up here.

The Olympics will be a chance to win cool prizes, meet new bloggers and hopefully have a ton of fun, so please do consider joining – the more the merrier! Also, if you’re interested in donating anything as a prize (literally anything postable…within reason…), have any questions or have any ideas/special requests for events, either stick a comment onto this post, tweet or Direct Message us @blogolympics, or email us at blogolympics15@gmail.com. We’d love to hear your thoughts! You can also follow/get in contact with each of us individually on Twitter – I’m @opinionful, and An Overthinking Teenager is @booksteaonesie . If you want to, you can also go and chat to her on Instagram at @booksteaonesie. You can also join in the general conversation on Twitter with #blogolympics, tag any WordPress posts with ‘Blog Olympics’ and feel free to reblog this post to get the message out there!

Do comment and let me know you’ve signed up, and go and check out a similar intro post on KJ’s blog.

Now, who’s excited?!?