I feel like both my favourite and least favourite book to movie adaptions are very cliché and easy to guess, but I’ll tell you them anyone. My favourite book to movie adaptions are the Harry Potter series. Not only do the movies stay true to the books, but I absolutely adore most of the cast. There will never be any other Hermione than Emma Watson in my mind and Maggie Smith was the perfect McGonagall. Now turning to my least favourite, it has to be, hands down, the two Percy Jackson movies. I really don’t understand after the train wreck that the first movie was. The movie didn’t at all follow the book and I’m not sure if it even qualifies as a book to movie adaption it was so different. I mean, come on!

Now looking towards the future, at books I would like to see as movies. This is quite tricky when I actually start to think about because I wouldn’t want any of my favourite books to be ruined by having a movie adaption.
So here are three books I would like to see as a movie:
1. Starcrossed By Josephine Angelini
This is a novel I haven’t really talked about, or read in absolutely ages. I feel like this novel has the right mix of romance and paranormal (technically mythology but close enough…) that it would do quite well in cinemas. It is a movie I think would be challenging to ruin as it is a fast paced entertaining novel that I can imagine would be easy to script.
2. Touch of Power By Maria V. Snyder
I am always wary when thinking about fantasy book to movie adaptions, but this is a world I would love to see on there big screen. I also think making it into a film, would get this books some much deserved attention, as it is one of my favourite fantasy novels.
3. Finding Sky
This book series just make me feel warm and fuzzy inside and will always have a special place in my heart. I have forced this book on quite a few friends and they have all had the same reaction as me. Therefore I think this would be a really great feel good girly movie to watch at a sleepover with your BFF