I totally get why bloggers find having 107 different forms of social media great for their blog, but I’m afraid my mind’s just not that big! I can only deal with a certain number of things, and for me Goodreads, WordPress, and Twitter are plenty for me.

Since my blog is on WordPress and that allows to me to see other’s blog posts and comment and like, I think it qualifies as social media. I mean, I interact with other human beings so it totally has to count! WordPress is great in the regard that when I’m uploading my posts and checking out my stats etc, I can also have a look at what fellow WordPress bloggers are up to. It requires minimum effort and is usually the first thing I check when I log on to my computer.

Twitter, the second thing I check, is a recent love of mine. I only got Twitter relatively recently, but I already can’t imagine blogging without it. It’s a great way to communicate not only with other bloggers but with authors, publishers and people who just generally like books. I have found so many new blogs through Twitter and I think Twitter has definitely helped me to be bolder and more confident when interacting with authors which is something I’m super proud of. As well as blogging, Twitter has really helped me with my writing by giving me access to awesome word sprinting groups like Write All Year which help keep me motivated whilst writing and have helped me make some awesome friends.

Goodreads is something I never really considered social media until I saw it mentioned under that category and I had a sudden epiphany. Of course, it’s social media. I mean I do kinda social stuff on it. Only recently have I discovered Goodreads as a form of social media, before I mainly used it as a bookish journal just for me. Now however, Alyssa, Michelle and I have set up a book club on Goodreads which is already helping me make new friends. I now am finally starting to understand Goodreads as social media and I like it!