Nowhere But Here By Katie McGarry

Wow! This is my third five star novel of 2015 and it was absolutely amazing.  I was kind of worried that this new series might not be as good Katie McGarry’s other series, but she did not disappoint!
This book was wonderful because it not only focused on romantic love but on family. This is an entirely unrepresented area in YA and Katie McGarry captures it perfectly. She really understands what it means to a family- that you don’t have to blood related and it’s not always easy to love your family. She shows the most true and beautiful form of love, not only in Oz and Emily’s relationship but in the way that Olivia is like Oz’s mother and how Eli is always determined to protect Emily even from himself, in the way that Violet tries to fiercely protect her brother and the way that everyone drops everything to help a family member in need. Nowhere But Here is a novel everyone can relate to, surprising though it may sound. It is one of these peculiar yet brilliant talents that Katie McGarry has, the ability to interest me and make me care about things I’ve never even thought before. She’s done it before in her Pushing the Limits series, I mean I’m English and I couldn’t care less about baseball, but Dare You To really engrossed me. Before reading this I was tenuous about the idea of motorcycle clubs, but it was Katie McGarry so I just had to read. And I thank goodness that I did. I now have a great desire to move to America and join a motorcycle club. I cannot wait for the next book, especially after googling and discovering it’s about Razor, a character I can’t wait to to find out more about.  I am intrigued as to who could be Razor’s perfect girl.

The Motorcycle club was such an intriguing setting for a novel that was so unlike anything I have ever read about before. Admittedly sometimes my feminist side had a bit of a huff and grumble about the attitude to women within the club. I didn’t like all the bras on the walls as if the women were some sort of trophy or the fact that the women had no say when making decisions and were almost seen as property by some men. Luckily the main romantic relationships within the novel were ones when the women were completely respected and didn’t take no nonsense from their men. Oz treated Emily with complete respect, and loved how she had her own mind and wasn’t afraid to share it.

I loved the dual perspective in this novel because it showed that both Oz and Emily were the main characters and neither was just the love interest. They both were interesting realistic characters that had their own stories and weren’t just made important by the other. Each of their perspectives was so well written yet different from the other and completely reflective of their own personalities.

Another thing I thought would be weird about this novel is the fact that one of the main characters has the same name as me – Emily. However I found it didn’t positively or negatively impact my reading experience in any way. I almost disconnected in my brain the fact that my name is Emily whilst reading it – if you know what I mean.
Now usually at the end of a review I try and talk about the parts of the book I liked less, but I genuinely can’t think of any improvements for Katie MGarry. All I can say is keep up the good work and write faster!